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May 18, 2012
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.: Final Finn :. by Radical-Rhombus-XD .: Final Finn :. by Radical-Rhombus-XD

GLOOOOOB!!! :iconalgebraicplz: This is by far, ONE OF THE AWEZUMEST fanart I've ever made! :iconexplodeplz: I can't even bear the EPICNESS inside while drawing it! :iconfinallyplz:

Ohhh glob... What's even more AWEZUM that I only drew and color this on my MOUSE and still can't believe that I made it... (Well, the original lineart was drawn on my sketchpad and redrawn it on my pc) Believe it or not, it's true!! (And my mouse drawing skills maybe had now reached to a level of that of a tablet... :iconcryforeverplz:)

Aheeeerm... Well, I recently watched an anime and I was inspired by it's EPICNESS... (also me and :iconangel-oni13: had been talking about it on Facebook some few days ago... xDDD)

I think I've Made AT into a BADASS ANIME like this Finn that has gotten possessed by Jake's Family Sword... (That made his eyes looked vibrant red liek a BOSS!! :icondatassplz:) Sorry, AT, I changed the story...^^; What AT really made into this FREKKIN' AWEZUMSAUCE ANIME?? I'D TOTALLY WATCH IT DUDE!!! :iconasdfghplz:

Well inspiration always a winner!! XDD

ŠAdventure Time/Finn the Human/Cartoon Network
Anime art made by me

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*jaw drops* wow he is hot
finnsfangirl Apr 10, 2014  New member
To much awezumnez!
Finn looks epic!! 
wolflayla Mar 1, 2014  New member
That's cool 
Gaudiis Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
If Finn was more like this i rekon i could bare him better
an anime....Fate/ Zero inspired perhaps?
(Plz forgive me, this pic inspired me)

Marceline held her hero close to her chest, staring at his golden blonde hair. Blood tears were streaming down her cheeks as she felt his temperature rise at an alarmingly fast<img> fate. His skin burned to the touch, he looked as pale as death himself. Thick drops of sweat fell freely form his face, and drenched his clothes. He shivered as a man frozen in hell, and begged for warmth. Only holding him closer, she prayed to Glob himself that he will come too.  

The Vampire Queen stared at one spot on his body in particular; the marks upon his neck. Where blood still weakly flowed from his exposed neck. She could never forgive herself for the sin that she has commit upon the young human. "How did it come to this?!" She screamed to herself. One minute she was strumming her bass, writing a song her the blondes' up coming birthday until she heard a knock at her door. What she saw, shook her to her very core. Right in front of her was the hero himself; pale, shaking, however what was the worst sight... was his coughing fits of blood. She rushed to him, and embraced him tightly. She heard him weakly say something, she then pulled away and her crimson eyes stared upon his tear filled blue orbs.

"I-I, don't wanna d-die M-Marcy. Please I don't want to l-leave y-you," he weakly stuttered. Then pasted out in her arms. Marceline couldn't take it, she's been alone for glob knows how many centuries. Now that she finally found someone who filled that empty void, just to see him lowly fade away in between her fingertips. SHE WOULDN'T TAKE THIS. On instincts, her fangs elongated, and punctured his soft neck...

Even if she was committing this sin to save him, she couldn't help but indulge in his rare, sweet-tasting fluid of life. After a short period she then released herself from the crane of his neck, but still held him closely. 

After what seemed like hours, he began to stir. She let out a sigh of relief, looking at the young hero; she let out a sharp gasp. She was staring at a young blonde, but his eyes were of crimson blood. "F-Finn?" The Queen of the night asked, through her tears. Unsure if this is really happening...

Finn gave her a heart melting smile, he then weakly rose his hand and wiped the blood tears from her frame. "Thank you, for saving me. Marceline, my Queen. My Master..."                           

alifadj Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is beyond epic
Klover-Masquerade Dec 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
HA!! Finn Going Badass
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